“Naked women” protesting in Imphal were fake

Fake Women protesting on the streets of Imphal in July 2004.

Fake Women protesting on the streets of Imphal in July 2004.


9NN, Imphal: A former judge who presided over several inquiries into naked protests in Manipur says that fake women used for nude protests are a reality in the state.

India (the whole one billion of it)  was shocked when a dozen “women” went “naked” on the streets of Imphal in July 2004 inciting Indian Army men to rape them.

Justice (retd.) D Rupwati Singh headed the inquiry that followed and her report found that fake women were being used for protests on the streets of Imphal. She felt frustrated but not shocked.

Justice Singh, who served as a district and sessions court judge, has headed 12 investigations into fake women protesters between 1996 and 2007.

“Fake women are being used in so-called nude woman protests. They hold large banners – asking Indian Army men to rape them, but, in reality what lies behind these banners are not women’s breasts and vaginas but very manly things – no wonder they are hiding behind the banners.”

“It is only the decency of India Army personnel that the lies and deceit of these bunch of fibbing so-called-women were not exposed at that time itself. If only, even one our soldiers had acted upon the provocation and went ahead to do what they asked for in the banners, this whole conspiracy to mislead people into believing that there are actual nude women behind the banners, would have been exposed. But the very fact that such an exposition never occurred bears testimony to the blemish-less conduct and immaculate character of Indian Army personnel.”

Rubbishing the so-called photographic evidence and the photographs taken by journalists of “women,” Singh added, “Why, when the faces, arms, legs, backs, and long hair of women can be seen so prominently, the distinguishing features of woman-hood – the very things that separate chaff from the flour – are patently missing from all the images. In this photograph, for example,” said Ms. Singh talking about the photograph below, “one can see women dangling there hinds in the most provocative manner – pretty much saying hit us if you can – although it has been blurred. If such a provocative photograph can be taken and printed a countless number of times, (and no I am not talking about the children books that portray women in a very bad taste -  which fortunately I have never laid my hand upon all my life – but I am talking about mainstream media) why then can we not have some photographs which bear testimony to the womanhood of the said ‘quote’ women protesters ‘unquote’.”

Fake women protesting in Imphal in July 2004.

Fake women with their backs turned towards camera.

“Note how everybody in this photograph manages to hide everything that will unequivocally quantify them as members of the fairer sex. Obviously this is not a mere coincidence.”

“At this moment one remembers the age old maxim, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Why in the God’s name, some sane person, who is supposedly doing a nude protest, would hide behind banners or stand with his (I am using his deliberately – don’t doubt my grammar) back towards us? Give me one reason, other than that this is all part of a big conspiracy involving journalists and (probably) destitute, pitiable men who have been lured into posing as naked-women-protesters, to stir up the political milieu and to make good edible rotis out of raw wheat flour, from the heat thus generated.”

She further said, “These kinds of people have to be held accountable and need to be dealt with in the court of law. A severest blow in their most vital and private parts needs to be delivered (of course I am talking allegorically – we are not Taliban here!), so that men and women alike are reminded that they can’t play with the innocent feelings of the common people.”

Singh’s reports reiterates what many in Manipur suspect: (naked) protests are often staged but rarely do the guilty get punished.

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12 Responses to ““Naked women” protesting in Imphal were fake”

  1. Kaybee says:

    I am utterly angry with this article…for whosever has written it!!!! The Naked protest was not a fake!!! I can vouch for it myself.

    The style of language you wrote this only proves your ignorance and bias mind. Please reseach your news before you put it here for discussion!
    To know why those Manipuri women protested, please do a research on it because it would be too easy if I tell you… If you had the time to write and put a bogus news here then you must have enough time to do your thorough homework as well!
    This I tell to all other readers as well who like to jump into conclusions without knowing a single thing or bothering to find out what acually happened…

    I always thought Indian Army were humanly but after reading this, not only did I lose respect for the Indian Army but also shocked at their cover up story.

    Try us, thousands and thousands of us can come forward and vouch for what really took place!

  2. Slash_blog says:

    I agree with you, this is a disgusting article.
    The author is a complete a moron and an ignorant fool.

    These naked women should come forward and show him their assets (and may be even let him play with them) so that he gets convinced of their gender.

  3. Laanchel says:

    Now let me ask a few questions to you mr. article writer (whoever you are, the president of india or that of america or an insane conspiracy writer just aiming for fame with an article). I hope you could give a detailed answer and confirmation proofs.

    - How would you explain ‘fake women’? Or in your way ‘fake men’? why not say ‘fake humans’?
    - Is Justice (retd.) D Rupwati Singh related to you and is this blog something you created to support his insane report? I mean, does an Indian justice study human physiology as well in his Law Studies? If so, detail it.
    - How much research have you yourself done on this topic before you started this bluff? Or do you just believe whatever you hear or read? If you do, your comprehension and self preservation thoughts needs to sharpened a little bit more.
    - Do you know just a bit of how to start a conspiracy theory if you would intend to start one? This i hope not but i would love to hear you say it.
    - If your sister or your mom was part of the naked protest, would your perverted eyes and brain dictate you to watch their private parts? You do?
    - Do you read books? :)
    - How old are you?
    - Let me quote “At this moment one remembers the age old maxim, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” Break out of the box and try to answer this… Were you there at the Presidential Election of Barrack Obama? or the death of Rajiv Gandhi? Obama is not the president? or isnt Rajiv Gandhi dead yet? Oh, probably they both don’t exist for you… lol

    Does your article try to bring to light manipur as the one spot in the world where ‘fake people’ walks and lives and revolt against the greatest threat in life? (COME ON GROW UP) To tell you the truth, if you havent found it yet, Manipur is a poor state where we still don’t have the facilities of ‘fake human’ productions. But for the vision i would have to congratulate you. You’ll really be an amazing visionary if you just read your books with understanding and base your points from your own decided facts and not from some insanely baseless government puppet! I was there among the army, so don’t you just describe scenes Justice (retd.) D Rupwati Singh didn’t even see. Bad conspiracy…

  4. tripsy says:

    mr writer..fyi its suppose to be a news not a porn clip where they ll show u all the private parts..of course it has to be sensored cauz its a public display picture and moreover by media. Get ur throat rite before you voice out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who is this troll who has written this article? What kind of medication are you on? I suggest you double the dosage!!!

  6. waking up too early…

    [...]“Naked women” protesting in Imphal were fake | One Billion dolts – The Blog[...]…

  7. Ehgawp says:

    This made-up news is disgusting. what is the intension of the writer?

  8. SEX Education…

    [...]“Naked women” protesting in Imphal were fake | One Billion dolts – The Blog[...]…

  9. pmsty says:

    I think the writer is mad. He have no idea about this situation and need to think more about the situation. each and every human being has their limitation and if the condition is beyond the limitation, many unwanted things were happened. I think this writer is writing without knowing the incidents. By this article, we know moral of writer. let us try no to bring such writer in our society as well as in the universe.

  10. Rahul says:

    Women and Cultural Values-

    Every society creats certain values. These values are created in different situations and circumstances but followed by people in subsequent years. Thus after long practice these positive values and norms get institutionalised and become rules and laws.

    As for example, the US president goes to the Church even the US being champion of secularism. Because US people consider religion as values. Similarly the US president must show that he lives a happy conjugal (family) life. Since people think that family-life makes a man responsible one.

    In India widows avoid remarriage and it is considered a value. No doubt it is a great sacrifice. Sonia Gandhi (with due respect) follows our Indian values. She is respected by Indian people. In fact this way positive values are created in the society and polity.

    Now many claim that under modernity, values are replaced by the science and technology. So we can easily throw away our traditional values. But the idea is completly wrong. Without values our life will be complicated one.

    Now the feminists thinkers are also challenging these values alleging that these are created by men to oppress the women. This is also a gross mistaske and result of biased thinking.

  11. We are really sorry to publish this senseless blog. Last night when one of our contributors was writing, we were having some whisky in the name of Lord Krishna. So, in the name of the lord, the drink was doing the talking, not us. We accept we are retards.

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